Anna Feilica Todd , is the writer of the stories 'After','After 2' and 'After 3'. She's a 25 year old married woman who lives in Texas with her husband. After, is based on one of her favorite band, One Direction, a popular british boy band. She first wrote After in 2013 on a popular writing community, called Wattpad, where you can write read free stories.    

She then got a deal with Gallery Books to publish After. Here are the release dates of After,    

After release- October 21, 2014    


After We Collided - November 18, 2014    

After We Fell - December 30, 2014    

After Ever Happy - February 2015    


Full Name:  Anna Feilicia Todd 

Wattpad Username: Imaginator1D

Age: 25 years old

Occupation: writer

Active: 2013 - Present